A new me! Hello!


Welcome to the blonde’s beginners garden!

I am (hopefully) here to offer some practical advice on how to start gardening and growing your own veg, herbs,fruit, flowers etc, without getting you confused by the lingo!

When i first started gardening, i was surprised by how much there was to know about gardening, and, because i had just begun the books and articles on the internet etc were of no use to me as i had no idea on what any of it meant! So with my new found, hard earned knowledge i am here to pass it all onto you so you too can become a gardening extraordinaire! To start with i shall compile a list of things you need to know first and a handy helpful guide to some of the lingo you shall be coming across on your gardening travels


See you in a wee while,


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Are you sitting comfortably? We shall begin!


Okay, lets get started.

If you have chosen to grow your own food, such as veg and herbs, now you need to know the basics.

The very best thing you can grow as a beginner is Rocket, an easy to grow,little bundle of sweetness, and as it grows so fast you won’t (like me) have to sit and stare and wait and wonder why it isn’t doing anything, what am i doing wrong? did i water it enough? have i drowned it? No this fabulous little angel grows literally in less than a week! It really dies just rocket up practically as soon as its sown!

What to do now:

Obviously you need to get the basic tools in which to grow your rocket, Which are:

A Propagator ( which is basically a seed tray with a plastic lid- the lid helps regulate the growing conditions so your Rocket can…

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Know your enemy!


The more you know about specific pests and diseases common to your area — when they occur and how they spread — the more easily you can avoid them. For example, some diseases run rampant on wet foliage. If you know that fact, you can reduce the occurrence of these diseases simply by adjusting your watering so you don’t wet the plants’ leaves or by watering early in the day so the plants dry out quickly. So do your research students! 🙂

Blondie ❤

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The Gardening “Lingo” List


This wee list is made partly from what i have learned and partly to a few helpful articles on the internet, with everything you could need to know about the lingo


A plant, such as a tomato, that is genetically programmed to complete its full life cycle within one year. That is, the seed germinates, then the seedling grows into a mature plant that blooms, sets seed, and afterward dies, all within the space of one growing season.


To suddenly sprout a stem and bear flowers, often in response to heat or drought. When lettuce, spinach, and other cool-season greens bolt, the leaves become tough and bitter, and the crop must be replaced.

Bulb, Corm, and Rhizome

Though bulbs, corms, and rhizomes are often used indiscriminately, the terms denote different types of underground storage structures. A bulb (such as a daffodil or onion) is a bud enclosed in…

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Make your own compost


Compost Daily

Keep a stainless-steel bowl on the kitchen counter, then throw all your compost ingredients — including tea leaves and coffee grounds — into it. Cut scraps into small pieces if you want the pile to break down quickly. As the meal is cooking, empty the bowl onto the compost heap.

Building a Compost Heap

Choose a location for your bin that has good drainage and at least partial sunlight. Place the bin 8 to 12 inches away from fences, decks, and buildings to discourage pests. Line the bottom of the bin with 6 inches of cornstalks, coarse twigs, or chopped brush. Add a few inches of fruit and vegetable scraps, grass clippings, tea leaves or bags, or coffee grounds, then twice as much fallen leaves, pine needles, cornstalks, wood ashes, paper egg cartons, twigs and branches, sawdust, wood chips and shavings, dryer lint, or finely shredded newsprint.


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Greener fingers every day

Hi, sorry it has been quite a while, but i have been so busy i haven’t had a second to myself!
as you know i planted some basil last month but unfortunately it went to seed 😦 so i have picked up and planted some more, in addition to the basil i have planted some other yummy edibles! So now i have tomato plants, rocket (which really does rocket up!it grows so fast!) some mixed italian herbs, thyme, chives, beetroot and carrot, which are all past the germinating stages now so all i need to do now is wait, i shall also be busy later these eve and plant a few more, i can’t help it! i love growing things! also in related news i am thinking of making a blog devoted entirely to growing, gardening etc so keep yoour eyes peeled.

In even happier news (if possible!) i am meeting with my college tutor next week, now i may have mentioned volunteer at the charity shop Scope, and last year i got to do a work based NVQ cousre in customer care and retail skills, when i had finished the course last november i decied i would like to go on to level 3 but i was informed as i am over 19 i can’t get funding, well now. thanks to my amazing boss at Scope, i am able to do another course! not quite level 3 but it is a supervisory course!! So we shall be meeting with my tutor next friday to discuss everything!

Exited much?
Missmugsalot ❤

Green fingers

As you may know i a bit of an amatuer gardener, i am just starting out and testing new things, and a few weeks back i bought a “grow your own basil” Kitand guess what? it’s grown! The start of this week it finally made my day and germinated! The wee soldiers that they are! So on a happy mood today before going to the dentist i went out and bought myself some more edible things to grow inside as i think my soil is too ruined to cultivate veg in it just yet, so i bought a multi pack of seeds which include carrots, spinach, beetroot, broccoli and parsnips and also i bought some lavender seeds (i adore the smell!) and hefted home some seed and sowing compost (Kills your arms!)

As i don’t have a lot of window space i have decided to conduct a wee test, half of the lavender i have sown an inch down into the soil and the other half i just sprinkled on top of the soil, as i have had mixed views on how easy lavender is to grow some people say it is really easy but others say it is hard to get it to germinate. For the second part of the test i have placed one pot of each lavender on the window-sill and the rest on a wire shelving rack on the floor of the kitchen, along with the Carrots and the mushroom growing kit i also bought a few weeks back, i have also placed the beetroot on the window-sill, as the same thing has happened i researched and people have mixed views on general germination, some say they MUST have sunlight and some say it’s not essential, so we shall see. If we have and green fingered friends in theaudience i would love to heqar your views on the subject, What do YOU think is better for germination?

That’s all for now though

-MissMugsAlot ❤